About Verum Group

Our goal is to seek and deliver truth, precision, and certainty. With a diverse range of scientific skills, we offer services including workplace and industrial monitoring; laboratory services from geochemistry to asbestos and water testing; conservation and environmental management; and geological services.


With 30+ staff based at three hubs across New Zealand (Christchurch, West Coast, and Hamilton), we bring together quality laboratory and design facilities with the combined skills of chemists, geologists, environmental scientists, and technicians. We understand complex problems from the fundamentals to application, and can help guide you to compliance and consent with practical and progressive solutions.

Having skill sets that connect with and cross divisions allows us to offer a more complete view of our clients’ challenges. With more tools in the kit, we’re simply better problem solvers, equipped to develop new ideas, approaches and innovation that deliver cutting edge solutions. We also draw on our international network of collaborators and partners to ensure complete solutions.

in the lab


Our history goes back to the 1980s, when, as CRL Energy, we researched all manner of fuels for New Zealand's energy sector, when New Zealand was still reliant on coal to both generate electricity and for industries such as smelting. Time and technology has moved on and we have evolved and expanded in the decades since. We still retain our core geological and laboratory services, but now also offer a range of industrial and work place monitoring, as well as extensive conservation and environmental services. We are experienced in working closely with the private sector, other research organisations, universities, Iwi, and Government.

Verum means truth, an essential and underpinning influence across every part of our business. Our laboratories quite literally trade on truth and a rigorous understanding of analytical precision, accuracy and certainty. Interpretation of the lab analysis and other information in an objectively truthful manner, along with the experience to put facts into context is critical for quality consultancy.

in the lab


kiwi chick

Great spotted kiwi chick.

Among other philanthropic activities, Verum Group is also the proud sponsor of the Atarau Sanctuary near Greymouth. Atarau Sanctuary provides predator-free sanctuary for Paparoa Wildlife Trust’s roroa / great spotted kiwi chicks, who are hatched at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve in Christchurch and then put in the sanctuary until they are old enough to fend for themselves. While they are in our care, Verum Group researchers observe and listen to them through passive bioacoustic monitoring. Verum Group's work in bioacoustic monitoring of wildlife and the algorithms our talented researchers have developed as part of that monitoring are gaining attention around the world.

Atarau Sanctuary is the first land-based pest-proof crèche specifically for kiwi in the South Island and the only facility in New Zealand for roroa to take sanctuary until they are big enough to head out into the world. Since opening in 2010, we have given sanctuary to dozens of roroa chicks.