Occupational Hygiene

Whatever the industry, there are hazards involved. Workers might be exposed to excessive noise, or highly toxic fumes like welding fumes, or dangerous dusts such as crystalline silica which can cause various lung diseases.


Contact Verum Group to talk to one of our qualified Occupational Hygienists. They will help you identify potential sources of harm and suggest ways to prevent, mitigate, or eliminate the potential exposure for people. We also train employees in the hazards and educate on ways to minimize exposure.

Some examples of potential harm in the workplace include:

Noise Services NZ Wide

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is permanent but can be prevented. Personal noise monitoring involves placing a monitor on your employee for a work shift. The results are compared to workplace exposure standards and we advise on the appropriate personal equipment required to protect your staff.

(See also Boundary Noise Monitoring)

Dust Services NZ Wide

Workplace dust monitoring covers nuisance and hazardous dusts, whether respirable or inhalable - this includes crystalline silica dust, metal dusts, and wood dusts. Exposure to some dusts can cause irreversible chronic conditions.

Odour Services NZ Wide

Odours can significantly affect people’s well-being. Complaints about odours are one of the most frequent environmental pollution incidents reported to regulatory authorities. Verum Group can assist with assessing and managing odours.

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