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Selected Case Studies

Verum Group has a diverse set of science and engineering skills that enable us to complete projects in many fields or disciplines. From niche one-on-one consultancies or analytical services to collaborative multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder research programmes. See below for some examples.

Hilde Martens sampling a tile drain in Springston

Bioreactor for removal of nitrates in agricultural water

Verum Group is putting their experience in passive water treatment systems toward a new target, the removal of nitrate from agricultural water. This research uses a system to remove nitrate from tile drain water on a participating farm in the Waikirikiri-Selwyn River catchment. We are trialling two bioreactor systems, a more traditional woodchip bioreactor, and a “enhanced passive treatment system”. By providing additional nutrients into the reactor, we create a favourable environment for the bacteria to flourish and reduce the nitrate to nitrogen. Regular monitoring will be completed to quantify the effectiveness of this novel water treatment system. If you want to know more about this innovative project, contact

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New Zealand Mine Environment Life-cycle Research Programme

This project included collaboration with scientists from Landcare Research, O’Kane Consulting, Universities of Canterbury, Otago and Auckland along with stakeholders from Regional Councils, Iwi, DoC and mining companies.

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Verum WEB FA 6 v3

Standardised Reference Materials for Acid Base Accounting

Join Hana Christenson and James Pope as they provide quality control in acid-base accounting analysis.

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Spontaneous combustion – gas evolution

Scientists from the Verum Group led a mine hazards research programme and delivered a new research tool to determine the gas evolution patterns of coal during self-heating events.

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Hydrogen and Clean Energy

Scientists and engineers from the technology team at Verum Group led and delivered a New Zealand Government investment in a four-year research project into 'Hydrogen and Clean Energy'

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Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Accounting

Synthetic greenhouse gas accounting project is part of Verum Group’s commitment to the field of greenhouse gas mitigation.

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