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Lysimeter systems monitor impact of soil changes and fertiliser products

Over the last three years Verum Group has worked with Massy University on a research programme looking at the mass balance of nutrients through soil, water, and biomass systems under controlled laboratory conditions at Verum Group in Lower Hutt.

We have developed very precisely controlled lysimeter systems with user-defined soil and multiple sample points to measure, compare, and contrast various soil amendments and fertiliser products to examine their leaching, soil retention, and plant uptake properties. We can monitor all major and trace elements in a soil, plant, water, and atmosphere system.

Our lysimeter banks are now available and we’re keen to identify new products to test in this rigorously controlled environment.

We have complete freedom to manage moisture application – such as the rate and pattern – and also soil type, climate, diurnal cycling, plant types, and, of course, inputs of additives or fertilisers.

If you’re interested please get in touch with Ben Rumsey at Verum Group.

Further information

Ben Rumsey
Lysimeter Specialist
Tel. (04) 570 3700