Greymouth Laboratory Services

Verum Group's Greymouth Laboratory specialises in drinking and waste water analysis for coastal communities and individuals as well as environmental water sampling and testing. Our experienced staff also offer noise & dust sampling, coal analysis, and superintending services for export coal and imports of petroleum.


Environmental Monitoring

Verum Group specialises in assessing soil and groundwater. We have experience managing agricultural soils and contaminated sites including from timber treatment, landfills, sheep dips, horticulture, petroleum, or chemical storage/handling, as well as environmental rehabilitation of retired mining sites.

All site investigations and site reporting are compliant with the Ministry for the Environment guidelines as required by District and Regional Councils.

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Water Testing

Water is critical to the well-being of people, livestock, and the environment. Verum Group’s water testing options include, but are not limited to: pH, metals, E. coli, pesticide, faecal coliforms, hydrocarbons, VOCs, nitrates, etc. Where there are specific tests we can't do ourselves we have reliable subcontractors on standby to assist.

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Occupational Hygiene

Too many people in Aotearoa New Zealand die or suffer from work-related ill-health and disease. Whatever industry you’re in, there are hazards involved. Workers might be exposed to excessive noise, or highly toxic fumes like welding fumes, or dangerous dusts such as crystalline silica which can cause various lung diseases. Contact Verum Group to identify potential sources of harm and suggest ways to prevent, mitigate, or eliminate the potential exposure for people. We also train employees in the hazards and educate on ways to minimize exposure.

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Mask & Respirator Fit Testing

A mask fit test checks the effectiveness of the respiratory protection for employees, and are part of a company's commitment to health and safety. Tests are conducted to international standards prescribed by NZOHS, which simulate real-life work situations.

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Coal Analysis

Part of Verum Group's Fuel Analysis services, the Greymouth Laboratory provides coal analysis services to the West Coast coal industry. We are fully equipped to provide a comprehensive analysis of solid fuels (coal and a wide range of biofuels) as well as having some facility to analyse liquid fuels. Testing is done to International Standards – ISO, ASTM, BS, or NZ/AS. Our testing range includes energy content, moisture and ash content, ash behaviour, ultimate analysis, and a range of other tests.

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Noise & Dust Sampling

Part of Verum Group's 'occupational hygiene' suite of services, our Greymouth Lab specialises in noise and dust sampling for businesses on the West Coast.

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is permanent but can be prevented. Personal noise monitoring involves placing a monitor on your employee for a work shift.

(See also Boundary Noise Monitoring)

Workplace dust monitoring covers nuisance and hazardous dusts, whether respirable or inhalable - this includes coal, crystalline silica dust, metal dusts, and wood dusts.

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