National Laboratory Services

Verum Group's National Laboratories offer a wide-range of services to clients throughout New Zealand and overseas. Testing capabilities include solid fuels such as woodchip, pellets and other biomass, domestic and export coal, gas analysis; XRF analysis on a wide range of inorganic and organic materials; and asbestos testing on building materials, airborne fibres, soils, and minerals. Our experienced staff also offer superintending services for coal cargoes, wood pellet exports, and petroleum products.


Fuel Analysis

Verum Group are fully equipped to provide a comprehensive analysis of solid fuels (coal and a wide range of biofuels) as well as having some facility to analyse liquid fuels. Testing is done to International Standards – ISO, ASTM, BS, or NZ/AS. Our testing range includes energy content, moisture and ash content, ash behaviour, ultimate analysis, and a range of other tests.

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Biomass Analysis

Verum Group runs tests on a wide range of biomass. Testing is conducted using either New Zealand or international standard methods, in-house methods, or by creating new methods as required. We have a wide range of equipment and experience to draw on, allowing us to test routine and diagnostic samples. We also have a transitional facility so international biomass can typically be sent directly to the lab without treatment.

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Verum Group offers an inspection service for seaborne coal cargo, wood pellet exports, and petroleum products. We can sample and analyse to verify the quality of the products being exported or imported.

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Gas Analysis

Verum Group can analyse samples for hydrocarbon gases such as methane, ethane, ethylene, and hydrogen as well as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. These gases can be of interest in packaging operations or understanding coal behaviour.

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Water Testing

Water is critical to the well-being of people, livestock, and the environment. Verum Group’s water testing options include, but are not limited to: pH, metals, E. coli, pesticide, faecal coliforms, hydrocarbons, VOCs, nitrates, etc. Where there are specific tests we can't do ourselves we have reliable subcontractors on standby to assist.

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Amosite Asbestos
Asbestos Sampling & Testing

We offer an independent, available-to-all, IANZ-accredited, rapid service to analyse building materials for asbestos content, and air monitoring filters to establish the airborne fibre concentration – it is airborne fibres that are the risk when dealing with asbestos. Our lab can offer detailed instructions for taking your samples for testing, and/or recommend professionals to survey your building, sample, or remove asbestos-containing material.

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Khurram in the XRF Lab
SpectraChem (XRF)

SpectraChem is a part of Verum Group specialising in X-ray fluorescence (XRF), with XRF analysis of a wide range of inorganic and organic materials such as rocks and soils, plant and animal tissue, metal alloys, industrial wastes, plastics, and polymers.

Our clients for these services include mining and geological exploration companies, environmental consultants, the manufacturing industry, and other research organisations.

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