Geological & Other Services

Verum Group provides independent consultancy services in a variety of geological fields including minerals, materials, energy, environment, climate change, and operational efficiency. With a proven track record in mine life-cycle management, our unique mix of scientists and engineers are well placed to take on detailed cutting edge consultancy to give our clients an advantage in specialised geological areas or to provide high-level studies for policy setting and strategic purposes.


Mine Life-Cycle Management

As well as providing specific geological and environmental services for exploration and mining projects, Verum Group can assist and help manage the full mining life cycle for your project from a geological perspective, including consenting and environmental management and monitoring throughout the project - right through to rehabilitation and closure planning.

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Mineral Resource Evaluation

Verum Group has extensive experience in mineral resource evaluation. Available to work on-site, our staff and consultants have the knowledge and skills to improve any mineral resource projects. Services include resource classification; mapping; drilling and sampling programme design; chip, mud, and core logging and sampling; detailed coal logging and sampling; database management; accurate data acquisition; integration with GIS and modelling services; and integration with coal analysis providers.

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Permit & Project Management

Verum Group has managed many minerals projects where clear communication with key stakeholders is critical to success. Our roles include reporting to, liaising with, and preparing and submitting data to local and central government organisations and departments, and the facilitation and completion of risk assessments. We also have close links with other specialist service providers that will ensure your project is well serviced. Verum Group can assist with applications for tenements (prospecting, exploration, and mining permits) and navigate the permitting regime in New Zealand.

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Geological Data Collection

Accurate data collection is the backbone upon which all successful projects progress. Verum Group are ready for the logistical challenge of getting accurate data - the geology team are just as comfortable navigating through deep forest and digging outcrops in West Coast rain as they are running databases and doing a statistical interpretation. We can assist in the planning, carrying out, and interpretation of field mapping; soil and rock chip sampling; drill programmes; and core logging. Our team uses the latest technology in onsite XRF analysis for all exploration work.

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Spontaneous Combustion Propensity

Verum Group provides a range of advanced laboratory tests that are leading practice in quantifying the spontaneous combustion propensity of coal and other materials. Spontaneous combustion is a significant hazard for coal mine operations with events often leading to severe outcomes and major disruptions to production.

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Resources Consent Applications

Verum Group can assist with environmental effects assessments, resource consent processing, and can deliver expert evidence into resource consent processes where required. This may involve the collection of baseline environmental data, and numerical modelling of environmental outputs in disturbed environments. We specialise in delivering information and input into successful resource consent applications and for developing projects or renewals for current operations.

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