With a diverse range of scientific skills, we offer services including workplace and industrial monitoring; laboratory services from geochemistry to asbestos and water testing; conservation and environmental management; and geological services. We bring together quality laboratory and design facilities with the combined skills of engineers, chemists, geologists, environmental scientists, and technicians. We understand complex problems from the fundamentals to application, and can help guide you to compliance and consent with practical and progressive solutions.


Our Services Include

  • Workplace & Industrial Monitoring Services

    • Occupational Hygiene
    • Stack Testing
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Ambient Monitoring
    • Water Testing
    • Asbestos Testing
    • Contaminated Land Testing
    Workplace & Industrial Monitoring Services

    Verum Group offers a comprehensive range of industrial and domestic monitoring services. Our staff have years of expertise in stack testing, ambient air and noise monitoring, workplace exposure monitoring - including dust, noise, VOCs, pesticides, and mask and respirator fit testing, and we are accredited for a wide range of tests.

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  • National Laboratory Services

    • Fuel Analysis
    • Biomass Analysis
    • Superintending
    • Gas Analysis
    • Water Testing
    • Asbestos Testing
    • SpectraChem (XRF)
    National Laboratory Services

    Led by Mike Young, our National Laboratories offer a wide-range of services throughout New Zealand including asbestos testing, solid fuels testing including domestic and export coal and all sorts of biomass, gas analysis, and an extensive X-ray fluorescence and XRF analysis of a wide range of inorganic and organic materials such as rocks and soils, plant and animal tissue, metal alloys, industrial wastes, oils, plastics, and polymers.

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  • Greymouth Laboratory Services

    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Water Testing
    • Occupational Hygiene
    • Mask & Respirator Fit Testing
    • Coal Analysis
    • Noise & Dust Sampling
    Greymouth Laboratory Services

    The Greymouth Laboratory offers a wide range of services, but specialises in sampling and testing drinking water, waste waters, and environmental waters throughout the West Coast Community. Tests vary from pH, turbidity, suspended solids, total coliforms, E.coli, faecal coliforms, and enterococci. The Greymouth team also sample coal from various locations. A special bioacoustics team work with the nearby Atarau Santuary on a non-invasive wildlife monitoring project.

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  • Conservation & Environmental Management

    • Bioacoustics
    • Kiwi Monitoring
    • Acid Mine Drainage
    • Mine Site Rehabilitation
    • Bioreactors for Nitrate Removal
    • Passive Water Treatment
    Conservation & Environmental Management

    Verum Group undertakes a mix of conservation & environmental programmes and services. We have a flag-ship bioacoustics for wildlife monitoring programme, with extensive involvement with the Kiwi Santuary at Atarau, which we sponsor. We also undertake acid mine drainage analysis and treatment, mine site rehabilitation programmes, contaminated site remediation, and passive water treatments and bioreactors to remove contaminants.

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  • Geological & Other Services

    • Mine Life-Cycle Management
    • Mineral Resource Evaluation
    • Permit & Project Management
    • Geological Data Collection
    • Spontaneous Combustion Propensity
    • Resources Consent Approvals
    Geological & Other Services

    Verum Group provides independent consultancy services in a variety of geological fields including minerals, materials, energy, mine life-cycle management, mineral resource evaluation, permit & project management, geological data collection, spontaneous combustion propensity, and resources consent processes.

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